Wardrapp Wardrapp Your personal wardrobe assistant

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Thought-out UX

Intuitive user interface for genuine user experience.

Non Intrusive

Top level privacy setting for wardrobe categories and mid level for sub categories to keep private items out of public eye.

Smart Technology

Learn about products, find retailers, compare prices or discover similar products with smart image recognition.

iPod and iPhone versions

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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer
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Why is it special?

Look what this app has to offer

Manageable wardrobe categories

Sort your clothes into five realistic wardrobe categories and gender specific sub categories for quick accessibility.

6 Outfits categories

Group wardrobe contents into 6 outfit categories according to mood, weather or occasion by tagging.

Built-in calendar

Save yourself time and stress making last-minute decision of outfits. Plan ahead what to wear by adding outfits and clothes to the built-in calendar.

Community of fashion enthusiasts

Share wardrobe with friends and browse other users' wardrobe contents.

No other app has this


Drop unwanted items into your recycle for others to collect or swap with you.


Snap and search. Learn more about any product with the in-built smart image recognition technology. Discover similar/related items, see retailers and compare prices.


Inspire others with your dress sense and share contents via social media including Twitter, Facebook, iMessage etc.

Browse + Extras

Browse users, peep friends wardrobe and bookmark your favourites. Check your sizes in different regions. Mix two different photos to see how the clothes match differently.